Shadow Copy 0x80070005 Access Denied

There are different reason why you may get an access denied error 0x80070005. This particular one and the following fix is only applicable when the following is met: Your operating system is Windows Server 2008/Vista. If it is Windows 7 or 2008 Server R2 then this fix does not apply. You have no other problems at all with shadow copies/previous versions. It works perfectly fine accessing previous versions of all other folders except just one (or a few) folders. UAC (User access control) is enabled. More info about UAC can be found here. You are logged in as an Administrator who should be able to access these folders/shadow copies. The error is caused because of a bug in Windows Explorer and how it handles UAC. It is exactly the same reason as to why you get an access denied message when trying to access certain folders you should have access to. In these scenarios you have given the administrators group full control of the folder, you are a member of this group but you still get an access denied message. See the following UAC access denied for the cause and fix. It talks about Explorer having problems accessing certain folders.

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Windows 7 Access Denied For Administrator

The Problem You receive a Windows 7 access denied error when accessing a folder through Windows Explorer even though you have set the permissions correctly. You are an administrator and the administrators groups have full control over the folder but you can’t access it without Windows re-writing the permissions. The cause of this is because of a new feature in Windows 7 called User Access Control (UAC). It is the combination of UAC and a bug in Windows Explorer that causes the access denied error. The easiest solution is to simply disable UAC. If this is not possible (for security reasons) then read on for alternatives.

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